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FACT SHEET: The Supreme Court Ruling on Security Certificates (English et Français)
Description Fact Sheet. Summary: The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee urgently calls upon parliament for: - the abolition of the Security Certificate process and all other secret proceedings in sections 76-80 of IRPA, as well as the Anti-Terrorism Act; - an immediate unconditional release of the detainees currently in jail and under house arrest, or their fair trial under the criminal code if any evidence actually exists against them; - the cessation of any and all practises of deporting, or seeking to deport, people to countries where they will be, or may reasonably expect to be, submitted to torture or death; and, - the dismantling of the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre. (4 pages, PDF format) [ EN FRANÇAIS ICI ]
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Date November 07, 2007
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