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VIDEO: Supreme Court Hearings, Public Portion (Oct 10, 2013)
Description This is a video of the complete 4 1/2 hours of Supreme Court hearings from October 10, 2013. The case was called Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v. Mohamed Harkat. The lawyers representing Mr. Harkat: Matthew Webber, Norm Boxall, Meaghan Thomas, Thomas Slade and Leo Russomanno. His special advocates were Paul J.J. Cavalluzzo and Paul D. Copeland. The lawyers representing the government: Urszula Kaczmarczyk, Robert Frater, Marianne Zoric and André Seguin. There were also several lawyers speaking as Intervenors, most of them arguing that the current security certificate regime is unfair for a variety of reasons, primarily because it breaches Mr. Harkat's Section 7 rights. (AVI format; 700 megs; 4 hrs 38 min.)
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